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July 2015

N3 in design

by Julian Cohen,

Previously, I posted a blog about three design principals that can provide a way to enter in into the design experience, Nature - Nurture - Nourish [I will be using with the acronym N3 to abbreviate the principals].

For a typical project, the design process begins with a discussion about objects and outcomes…the WHAT. Less emphasis is given to the process…the HOW, and even less inquiry is given to the reason…the WHY. Put the WHAT, HOW and WHY together in relationship with each other and the project takes on a new purpose with great potential. Now, in relationship, the roles reverse and the WHY and HOW have more initial influence and the WHAT emerges, creating surprising outcomes rich in meaning.

The N3 principals thus offer a way to enter into a nurturing and nourishing relational process with place, people and materials, which leads to ongoing system wide relationships that generate nurturing and nourishing outcomes.


Principals for designing a home with our clients

  • Understanding the potential of a home in relationship to place and natural elements: land, sun, water, wind, and views.
  • Developing design in a balanced relationship with place.
  • Incorporating living patterns that acknowledge how people live in and move through spaces.
  • Designing a home that understands human needs and requirements.
  • Designing a home that constantly adapts to changing relationships.
  • Designing a home that constantly rewards and renews.
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