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May 2014

Nature - Nurture - Nourish

by Julian Cohen, on Design Pricipals, Wabi-Sabi, Living Guild, Nourish, Nurture, Nature

Design principals to live by A story about ourselves, and the choices we make, is expressed in our dwelling. Here are three fundamental design principals that get to the core of the design experience and that I would like to share with you. These principals have nothing to do with aesthetics, styles or trends. They are Nature - Nurture - Nourish. There is a children’s book, The Giving Tree,…



February 2014

Meghalaya's Living Bridges

by Julian Cohen, on Book, Sustainability, Nature

The people of Meghalaya have recognized a way of working with nature to create a long range, sustainable, multi generational solution to a complex perennial problem. They have implemented a design which becomes more effective with the passage of time, and is illustrative of people living in accord with nature. Working against nature Many traditional approaches to living with and working with nature have been supplanted in favor of conquering…